Campus Directory Integration with UA Vitae

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The campus is developing a new university directory that will include profiles of faculty members.  The directory (coming Summer 2016) will utilize key sections of information as provided by faculty through UA Vitae. Wondering what information may be utilized? The "UNIV Directory Listing" template can be accessed from the Vitas & Biosketches section of your UA Vitae account. The University Directory Listing provides a brief profile view, utilized for the Faculty Search function within UA Vitae and for the campus directory. This template includes the following sections: Contact Information, Current Position, Biography, Research/Teaching Interests, Chronology of Employment, Chronology of Education, Professional Licensures & Certifications, Honors, Awards and Fellowships, Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions.

Can I restrict what items are displayed in the Campus Directory?  It is recognized that faculty have items of a sensitive nature that may be shared within the university research environment, but which are not appropriate to share more publicly. Each item in your Profile and Activities sections has a "Displayed thru API?" indicator in the "Activity Classifications" section for that item. Indicate "No" for any items you would wish not to share with other University of Arizona systems, such as the University Directory or college and department webpages. Selecting “No” will not impact the availability of the item within the UA Vitae system; only for sharing to external systems.