Delegate/proxy access feature in UA Vitae

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Faculty can now select and designate staff members or graduate students to enter and edit activities data on their behalf. Faculty can now select other UA Vitae users to be a proxy user on their account, allowing proxy users to access the activities and CV/annual review summary reports for the faculty accounts to which they have access. Proxy users have access only to accounts they have been assigned to by faculty members:

  • A proxy user does not have access to the Admin tab or administrator functions such as Reports, even if the faculty member for the account they are assigned to has this access.
  • A proxy user does not have access to the Evaluations functionality.
  • A proxy user cannot access dashboard entries related to Evaluations.
  • Proxy access expires on a date selected by the faculty member.

Faculty members - use the "Access Settings - Account Access" section to delegate access to your account for specified users. If you cannot find a user listed, your departmental or college coordinator for UA Vitae can add a support account for your proxy user, enabling you to grant access.