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The College of Humanities 2017 review cycle is currently underway. Please see the College of Humanities website for additional information regarding the annual performance review timeline.

If you encounter any problems logging in or need any assistance entering data in UA Vitae, please contact Erin Robbins, the College of Humanities’ UA Vitae coordinator:

Erin Robbins, Administrative Associate



The UA Vitae Faculty Resources page offers “How-to” guides for managing your profile, entering activities, and importing publications. The Quick Start Guide and the Getting Started Video provides instruction for first time users or faculty who wish to familiarize themselves with the basics of the system.

UA Vitae 101, a self-paced course offered in UAccess Learning, also provides faculty with an in-depth overview of the system. Click here: UA Vitae 101 to access the registration page for the online tutorials.


Please contact the College of Humanities UA Vitae coordinator if you have any questions or require additional assistance:


Erin Robbins, Administrative Associate



  • Your college and department will determine when UA Vitae is "turned on" for you to access the system, confirm data that has been pre-loaded into the system, and enter your teaching, research, service and other activities for the purposes of annual review.

Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.