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UA Vitae is coming to the James E. Rogers College of Law! 

UA Vitae, the new online system supporting the faculty annual review process, will be rolled out to the College of Law during the Fall 2014 semester.


Barbara Lopez is coordinating UA Vitae implementation for the college.

More information coming soon!


The UA Vitae Implementation Team is scheduling trainings and workshops during the fall and spring semesters for:

- Administrative support staff
- Faculty
- Review committees

Stay tuned for specific dates and times!

Questions? Requests for one-on-one or group trainings?

Contact your college coordinator:

- Barbara Lopez,, 626-1740

  • Your college will determine when UA Vitae is "turned on" for you to access the system, confirm data that has been pre-loaded into the system, and enter your teaching, research, service and other activities for the purposes of annual review.

Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.