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To help faculty prepare for their annual reviews, the UA Vitae team has loaded information on faculty courses, sponsored projects, and other available data into the UA Vitae annual reporting system.  Available information on publications is also being imported to save faculty time with entering their data. 

 Faculty will be able to review information the first week of January.  

 The UA Vitae system will take some time to get started, but the time that faculty invest will enable departments, colleges, and the University to document the broader impact of faculty contributions.  The reviews of faculty will be governed by established policies, including the college oversight provisions that long been in place.  Everyone involved in this process recognizes that annual assessments and some faculty activity data are sensitive and need to be managed appropriately.  To preserve established annual review practices and the integrity of faculty data, faculty will be consulted on activities that they do not wish to have shared before university directories or other resources are developed.  If you have questions about how the UA Vitae System will be used for annual reviews, please visit the FAQs page:

COM-Phoenix Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Training: The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development will be happy to host group or one-on-one training sessions with faculty, committee members, department chairs, or administrative staff. To schedule training please contact the Jenna DelBalso in the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development at 602-827-5366 or  

Teaching load updates:  PHXMED course load data for 2014 is currently in process of being uploaded. PHXMED teaching activities will appear in section 2 (credit bearing courses). Additional teaching activities and hours not captured in PHXMED may be added in Section 3 "Other Medical School Teaching" can be used.

Medical Student Teaching Evaluations: (*eValue) UA Vitae does not include an auto-pull of TCE or other teaching evaluations. The Office of Faculty Affairs & Development is working with the Office of Assessment & Evaluation to obtain 2014 medical student teaching evaluations for all Chapter 3 faculty. The Office of Assessment & Evaluation has agreed to send electronic copies of all medical student teaching evaluations to the Office of Faculty Affairs & Development by the 2nd week of January. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development will upload any available teaching evaluations into the system on your behalf, or conversely, faculty are also welcome to upload any copies of teaching evaluations they have on file directly into the UA Vitae system. For questions please contact 602-827-5366.

For additional information on the UA Vitae system and its benefits please refer to the following pages:

Overview of UA Vitae Pilot Project       Benefits of UA Vitae

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To get started using the UA Vitae system, watch the Getting Started video.

University of Arizona - UA Vitae Quick Start Guide

Creating a Personal Vita/Biosketch

Video Tutorial-Creating personal vita   Personal vita Quick Tips Handout (PDF)

To access guides and tutorials, log in to UA Vitae and click on the orange HELP button located at both the top and bottom of any screen.

NOTE:  Videos and HELP content are provided by the vendor, data180. They are helpful in the overview they provide, but do not cover the customized sections added by the University of Arizona or by any specific college at the UA.

  • What is UA Vitae?

    UA Vitae is the UA’s new online annual reporting system. The annual reporting system will provide significant benefits to faculty, staff and departments.  Faculty members will not have to enter information that is available elsewhere on their courses and grants, and faculty will also be able to capture citation information on their publications from databases such as JSTOR, Web of Science, and PubMed.  When fully implemented, faculty will be able to archive their presentations, creative works, and research data in the University Library’s Campus Repository.   For more information please see the About and Background information.

    Will UA Vitae change the current process and timeline for my APR?

    UA Vitae is not intended to change the current process or workflow each college has already established for its annual faculty reviews.  UA Vitae will simply enhance the existing paper processes with new technology to create greater efficiencies for faculty, staff and departments.

    What training will be available?

    A variety of online training resources such as manuals and videos are available from the vendor, Faculty180, to help faculty learn and navigate the new system. In addition, the Office of Faculty Affairs & Development will be providing one-on-one training to all faculty members and providing digital resources to assist faculty in using the system. The purpose of the one-on-one sessions will be to review the data that has pulled into the UA Vitae system, how faculty can add and/or edit information within UA Vitae, and how the APR evaluation process occurs in the UA Vitae system.

    The Office of Faculty Affairs & Development will be contacting faculty the first two weeks of December to schedule one-on-one training sessions.

    Who has access to the system?

    During the pilot testing, only salaried tenure-eligible, tenured, and non-tenure track faculty in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences who are currently required to undergo mandated annual performance review (UHAP 3.10.10) will have access to report their activities and perform reviews in the system. Deans, department heads and select administrative personnel will have the ability to perform reviews and generate reports for their respective colleges and departments.

    Why is my publication data missing?

    Data180 loaded as much as they could by using the PubMed web API.  However, there are limitations to that approach such as no author disambiguation as well as PUBMED thresholds on the amounts of data that can be downloaded at a given time.  The Office of Faculty Affairs & Development is willing to assist COM-Phx faculty with the PUBMED (or any other citation management system) import of publication data.  If you wish to request assistance with uploading your publication data from citation management tools or publication databases available through the UA libraries please contact Aimee Hatton at 602-827-2032 or email at

  • How can I make suggestions regarding the UA Vitae system?

    Faculty input is essential to the success of this system. Likewise, items must fully document the contributions of the faculty, as well as, be reflective of the context and scope of their respective discipline(s). Please provide your input directly to Dr. Allie, Assistant Dean for the Office of Faculty Affairs & Development.

Should you have any questions, concerns, issues, or suggestions for the UA Vitae system, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also contact the Office of Faculty Affairs & Development directly at 602-827-2032 for immediate assistance. Thank you for your participation in this project.