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News & Events (updated November 29, 2016)

Welcome to the landing page for MEZCOPH's implementation of the UAVitae system. This is the 4th year of our use of the system and we hope that you're more comfortable with the user interface and navigation. Just as in years past, we will be having workshops for faculty on the use of the system in December and January. These will be in the college's computer lab, Drachman Hall room A319, and have yet to be scheduled.

We plan to initiate faculty input on December 15th. 

If you need additional or individual training please complete a request in the Contact tab on this page. 

MEZCOPH Resources

To get started using the UA Vitae system, watch the Getting Started video.

To access guides and tutorials, log in to UA Vitae and click on the orange HELP button located at both the top and bottom of any screen.

NOTE:  Videos and HELP content are provided by the vendor, data180. They are helpful in the overview they provide, but do not cover the customized sections added by the University of Arizona or by any specific college at the UA.

University of Arizona - UA Vitae Quick Start Guide

Additional Resources:
Creating a Personal Vita/Biosketch

Video Tutorial-Creating personal vita 

System Overview for College of Public Health

Video Tutorial-System Overview 

    1. What is UA Vitae?
      UA Vitae is the UA’s new online annual reporting system that is replacing our APROL system. The Faculty180 annual reporting system will provide significant benefits to faculty, staff and departments.  Faculty members will not have to enter information that is available elsewhere on their courses and grants, and faculty will also be able to capture citation information on their publications from databases such as Web of Science, and PubMed.  When fully implemented, faculty will be able to archive their presentations, creative works, and research data in the University Library’s Campus Repository. 
    2. When can we access the system to verify our information and add information?
      The system is available year-round, but courses taught data cannot be updated until Activity Input is "initiated". Activity Input has been initiated as of December 22, 2014.
    3. Will demos and workshops be available?
      Htay Hla has scheduled the workshops for January 2015. The schedule is listed on the main UAVitae page for the College of Public Health.
    4. What will training entail?
      Workshops will be conducted on the use of the system. We will have workshops in January to get everyone familiar with the use of the system. Additionally, online contextual help and an online manual are available with the system.
    5. What is the support model?
      As with APROL, Htay Hla will be the primary point of contact for support in MEZCOPH with second level support coming from UITS.
    6. How does the evaluations work?
      There is a workflow associated with the evaluations. First, all activity for the calendar year are entered and submitted, then the self evaluations are completed. For Faculty, the peer review committee then reviews each faculty member for their respective division and submits it for division director review. The division director takes into account the faculty self evaluation and the peer review evaluation and completes the evaluation for the faculty member, which is then submitted to the dean. For Appointed Professionals, only the Activity Input and Self Evaluations are completed, printed out and the evaluation is done by the immediate supervisor.

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