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To enroll in any of the offered courses, expand the links below and then use the blue button to sign in to EDGE Learning, using your NetId and password.

Once you have signed in to EDGE Learning, you can enroll in the self-paced or an available instructor-led course. Follow the prompts if needed. In EDGE to find all UA Vitae courses, you can use the Search feature at the top of the window, entering the keyword, UA Vitae.

This course is designed to give coordinators and faculty an in-depth overview of the UA Vitae system.

Course Topics

  1. UA Vitae Homepage Overview
  2. UA Vitae Dashboard Overview
  3. Managing Profiles
  4. Activities
  5. Vitas & Biosketches
  6. Evaluations
  7. Access Settings

Enroll - ua Vitae Overview course

This course is designed to give UA Vitae Administrators, Deans, and Department Heads (both new and existing) an overview of the reporting functionality found in UA Vitae.


  • Learn about the different access levels in UA Vitae
  • Understand the difference between College level and
  • Department level views
  • Review the basic steps of running a report
  • Learn about the drill-down functionality found in UA Vitae reports
  • High-level overview of the different Activity, Administrative, and Custom reports in UA Vitae
  • Build reports using the faculty selection tool, filters, and export options

Enroll - Reporting 101 course

Training Videos

Scholarly Citations & Contributions

New data service: Information and how-to demonstration

*Note: Start video at 1:25 for the demonstration on how to use.

This short micro tutorial demonstrates three ways to import citations into UA VItae. However, its main focus is to show you how to copy and paste citations using the BibTeX file format.

Video file

This micro tutorial shows you how to copy and paste your Google Scholar citations into UA Vitae.

Video file

You can integrate your UA Vitae account with ORCiD, so that you can easily import your scholarly contributions as well other pieces of biographical data from ORCiD into UA Vitae. This is information that can be used to create funding agency biosketches, update your personal CV or dossier, and to populate your research activities for annual review purposes.

Here's a help link with step-by-step instructions for connecting your ORCiD records to your UA Vitae account:


You can also follow these steps:

Instructions for setting up ORCiD connection and importing data into UA Vitae:

  1. In UA Vitae, choose Vitas & Biosketches from the left-side menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the window on the right side of your screen.
  3. Find Source and ORCID Registry, under the Authorize Access column click the Create or Connect your ORCID ID button.
  4. This will take you to the orcid.org website login page.
  5. Select "Institutional account"
  6. Enter Organization Account, "University of Arizona"
  7. Press Continue, and then authorize linking the University of Arizona account to your ORCID record.
  8. Once authorized, you can use the Import button in UA Vitae to bring in data from ORCID, by choosing the items that align with UA Vitae such as Works or Employment. Once the import item(s) have been selected, choose Import and Save.
  9. Visibility for publications may also need to be set to Public in ORCID as well.

Once your ORCiD has been set up in UA Vitae, you won’t need to go through the above steps every time you want to import. You would simply press the Import button. Below is a screen shot of a completed ORCID setup.

Example of completed ORCiD setup in UA Vitae

Entering Activities

Most data in the Profile section of UA Vitae is imported from UAccess Employee and the Campus Phonebook. If you see a "lock" icon next to the field in UA Vitae, that means we have imported the information, and it can't be changed in UA Vitae. (To make changes, please see your unit's Business or Payroll Manager and they can update in the system of record.) 

If the field is available for edit but you're not sure how to update, below is a link to help you through that step:

Faculty Input: Profile Form

These how-to guides will help you create a Biosketch based on the NSF 2021 template: Vitas & Biosketches-CV, VITA, or Biosketch for NSF (2021 template)


When evaluations are completed in the UA Vitae system they're available by faculty to view and if allowed, to respond.

The following video will guide you through the steps. (Note: there is no audio):

Video file

Additional Training Resources:

Along with UA's customized training, the vendor for UA Vitae, Interfolio, provides videos and help content as well. While these resources don't cover the customized sections added by the University of Arizona, they provide good generalized help for many of the areas within the system. To access vendor-provided tutorials, you must have a UA Vitae account. 

To access other guides and tutorials, log in to UA Vitae and click the Knowledgebase link located under your name in the upper-right corner of the window. Just click on the drop-down arrow to access:

  • Webinars
  • Community forums
  • Release notes