Request UA Vitae Access

Access to information in UA Vitae depends on your needs, and your role.

  • Select Limited Support, if you are entering data on a faculty member's behalf.
  • Select Full Access, if you will be providing support during the annual review process for your entire department or college.
  • Select Reports Viewer, If you are a Department Head, Director, or Dean.

Note: Faculty access will be created automatically in UA Vitae, if the UA VItae flag is selected in their UAccess Employee record. Contact your department's payroll manager for questions regarding employee records.

Fill out all fields below to submit your access request.

Verify that you have completed the following required training courses in UAccess Learning: UA Vitae Overview, UA Vitae Admin, UA Vitae Evaluations & Setups
Please enter your contact phone number.
Please enter the name of the college or department you will be supporting.
Please provide the first and last name of the person who can authorize your request, or your supervisor's name (if you're not the Head of your Department /Division.)
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Please describe your job role/responsibilities and how you will use UA Vitae.