UA Vitae

UA Vitae is the online system for faculty annual reviews. The system provides a single and convenient place for faculty members to archive their achievements. Faculty members input their data about teaching, research, service, and other activities that are reported as part of the annual review process. Profile information, course data (including TCEs), and research/grants data are brought into UA Vitae from campus systems. Faculty members can generate custom CVs and biosketches; in addition, they can view the annual review summary documents that are generated for review committees. The UA Vitae system facilitates the annual review workflow process for peer review committees and department heads. Learn more about UA Vitae and the benefits of the system.

Fall 2016 Important Dates and Information:

  • TCE - Summer 2016 TCE's will soon be loaded
  • Credit Bearing Courses - Fall 2016 course data will be pulled on Reading Day, Thursday, 12/8/2016. Then, it will be audited/approved by the Registrar's Office and loaded during finals week.
  • Grants Data -  November update was posted, and December's update is in progress.
  • Grad Path - PhD and MS Advising was last updated in August. A new file for December has been submitted to the vendor for uploading to UA Vitae. This should be available in 1-2 weeks
  • New functionality - A new collaborative editing feature is available for evaluation committees. Use the Collaborative Evaluation checkbox to allow multiple evaluators to edit the shared evaluation form.

Past UA Vitae News:


Do you have questions about UA Vitae? Please contact your college coordinator, or designated departmental support person, with your questions about accessing the UA Vitae system, departmental annual review guidelines, and departmental review deadlines. You can also Contact the UA Vitae Team with your questions about using the system.