• Campus Directory Integration with UA Vitae

    Thursday, February 25, 2016
    The campus is developing a new university directory that will include profiles of faculty members.  The directory (coming Summer 2016) will utilize key sections of information as provided by faculty through UA Vitae. Wondering what information may be utilized? The "UNIV Directory Listing" template can be accessed from the Vitas & Biosketches section of your UA Vitae account. The University Directory Listing provides a brief profile view, utilized for the Faculty Search function within UA Vitae and for the campus directory. This template includes the following sections: Contact Information,... Read More
  • New University-wide section in UA Vitae - Volunteerism

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    There is a new section called "Volunteerism" available in your "Activities" section in UA Vitae. This optional University-wide section is one of the last sections in your "Activities" form. Faculty and professionals across the University contribute to the success of our city, state and nation through acts of voluntary service. This section allows for the voluntary, self-report of volunteerism activities undertaken by faculty and professionals of the University that are NOT performed in the course of their regular work duties. Examples may include activities such as Boy Scout/Girl Scout Leader,... Read More
  • PhD Advising Data from GradPath now available!

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    PhD advising data from GradPath is now available in UA Vitae. It is imported into the "Teaching: Student Advising, Mentoring and Other Activities" section. This data is the GradPath/UAccess milestone data for PhD advising activities. The data loaded includes dissertation/oral comp committee participation for any PhD student who was ACTIVE beginning with Spring 2015. The data specifies the faculty roles of chair/co-co-chair, dissertation advisor, committee member, etc. Faculty members may delete or modify this data in UA Vitae. Please note that the GradPath data imported into UA Vitae is only d... Read More
  • Delegate/proxy access feature in UA Vitae

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    Faculty can now select and designate staff members or graduate students to enter and edit activities data on their behalf. Faculty can now select other UA Vitae users to be a proxy user on their account, allowing proxy users to access the activities and CV/annual review summary reports for the faculty accounts to which they have access. Proxy users have access only to accounts they have been assigned to by faculty members: A proxy user does not have access to the Admin tab or administrator functions such as Reports, even if the faculty member for the account they are assigned to has this acces... Read More
  • New feature in "Profile" section - Additional Positions and Roles

    Thursday, January 28, 2016
    An "Additional Positions and Roles" section has been added to your UA Vitae account. This section is available in your "Profile." This section may be used to capture additional positions and roles held for the University of Arizona that are not part of your official current position titles in UAccess. Examples of these additional roles may include activities such as Undergraduate Advisor, Interim Department Head, Graduate Coordinator, etc. Read More